“Integrity has no need of rules.”

Albert Camus


In serving its clients and managing its business, Bergson always adheres to the highest standards of morality and ethics. This means honesty, righteousness, transparency, fairness, reliability, avoidance of conflicts and humbleness in everything Bergson does and says. Treating people with dignity and respect is one of Bergson’s core values.


To fundamentally align interests between itself and its clients, Bergson is focused on co-investing a meaningful amount of its own capital alongside its clients in all transactions it originates.


With its reputation on the line and own capital co-invested, Bergson always takes responsibility for its actions and representations. Bergson believes integrity and alignment cannot exist without true accountability.


Focused on building a preeminent real estate investment business, Bergson is always putting its clients first and striving for nothing but excellence in ideas, analytical rigor and service.


Bergson shares the concerns of many with respect to the continuing erosion of our planet’s natural resources by mankind. In a small effort to maintain our home livable for just a little longer, Bergson donates 5% of its annual net profits to selected environmental organizations focused on resources regeneration, alternatives to factory farming and avoidance of single-use plastic.