Bergson identifies markets subject to structural shifts, selects niche and/or under-invested assets with mainstream potential & resolves complexity – upon acquisition or through asset management – to deliver stabilized, institutional products. Our investment strategy follows themes such as structural above-average growth patterns, market bifurcation, temporary illiquidity, urban infilling, niche-to-mainstream, concealed asset quality, brown-to-green conversions, scarcity characteristics, transformational business plans, or special situations/yield for complexity. We “buy & fix”, “buy & build” and “buy & manage”.

Key Principles

  • Selection of markets underpinned by favorable fundamentals & structural shifts

  • Definition of robust investment theses with particular angle

  • Focus on attractive going-in pricing & downside protection

  • Use of superior pricing insights, market inefficiencies & arbitrage opportunities

  • Execution of transformational business plans to prepare assets for longer-term capital value appreciation & exit optionality

  • Creation of asymmetric risk-return profiles to mitigate – market & asset – cyclicality