Bergson provides creative and highly analytical real estate private equity and investment management services with a predominant focus on Germany, investing on behalf of institutional and professional private investors. As such, Bergson covers the entire value chain of real estate investing across all asset classes, pursuing distinct asymmetric risk-return strategies: Niche-to-Mainstream & Special Situations. Bergson is committed to co-investing own capital in all transactions it originates.

Investment Management

Deal Origination

Based on creative ideas, fundamental research and its extensive network of relationships with asset owners, local operators and intermediaries, Bergson identifies – and creates – attractive investment opportunities often overlooked by others.

Structuring & Execution

Bergson formulates and presents the investment thesis, develops the business plan, structures all aspects of an investment (in conjunction with specialist advisors) and manages the entire process of executing a transaction, including due diligence and closing.


As one of its main principles, Bergson is committed to co-investing its own capital alongside its clients in all transactions it originates, fundamentally aligning all parties’ interests.

Financing Arrangement

Based on its extensive knowledge of the senior and junior real estate debt lending markets in Germany and the UK, Bergson arranges third-party asset-level financing for the investments it originates.

Asset Management

Bergson pursues a pro-active asset management approach to ensure successful execution of the business plan including management of specialist service providers (e.g. leasing agents, property managers, developers) and highest-quality reporting.


Through continuous market monitoring and research, Bergson identifies favorable exit windows, in line with the investors' objectives, and manages the entire process of exiting an investment.